A compact pedal that simulates the pre-amp of a boutique 30W tube amp.
The FETBOX, which has been produced to be a long-selling product, has been reborn as the FETBOX CUSTOM by significantly changing the circuit structure, in order to make it easier to handle and to have a balance that is faithful to the tube sound. The exterior operation unit is the same as the old model, but the style of sound and the operational feeling of the tone stack have massively evolved.
Compared to those using vacuum tubes and transformers, it is smaller, lighter, and can be easily incorporated into a pedalboard, resulting in a sound that comes close to a tube amp which you wouldn't imagine judging from its small appearance.

In the specs of this version, CLEAN CH is used to prevent distortion as you make delicate tone balance adjustments.
With CH2, you can create a wide range of sounds by adjusting the original TREBLE/BASS, and enjoy the finest crunch/overdrive sound.
It is made to be a versatile pedal that works well with both singles and hums, and even your transistor amp can be transformed into a tube-like sound.
In addition, a new HIGH GAIN switch is installed on the internal circuit board. The gain can be increased even more to increase distortion, sustain, and low frequencies. Even with CLEAN CH, the gain increases, but unnecessary distortion is added, so there is an internal switch option you can use when mainly using CH2.

* The CH indicator LED is always lit, so an adapter is recommended.
* The tone control unit is exclusively for CH2.


  • True Bypass
  • Blue LED
  • Power consumption :DC9V
  • Power spply : 006P battery or power supply [Center negative DC9V out, 2.1mm pin]
  • Dimensions : approx. D2.6” x W5" x H2.5” [D66mm x W127mm x H62mm] (Including the convex parts like the jacks, the knobs, the switches, etc.)


  • The internal HIGH GAIN switch is extremely delicate. Please operate without applying excessive force.
  • To avoid the metal terminals of the battery snap short-circuiting the board, isolate the metal terminals with something like a terminal cap or tape when removing the battery and driving the adapter.
  • This unit is for a 9V drive only. In the event that excessive voltage has been input, the protection circuit of this unit may activate protection against a short circuit of the power supply causing the power supply to be cut. This protection circuit can protect the unit from short-term excess voltage such as surges, but if the voltage continues to be in excess for over a certain period of time, it will stop working and need repairing.
  • Failure caused by using a power supply different from that specified above is not seen as an initial failure and not covered by the warranty.
  • We do not offer warranties for any situations caused by misuse of this equipment.
  • Since this product is completed by hand, there may be unevenness in the paint or minor scratches.
  • The specifications in the instructions or the product's appearance may change without notice due to production conditions or other reasons.
  • Please make your decision after careful consideration, as we do not accept cancellations for reasons such as the product being different from your expectations.
  • We always conduct checks, so please confirm functionality after it arrives.
  • In the rare event of initial failure, we will provide support on our end. To add, the period during which we will provide support for initial failure is within 14 days after receiving your item.
  • If you desire a repair, please reach out to us, and we will provide support.

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