Highly regarded for its natural compressor sound, The Ray Compressor is back as the Rev.3.0, with an improved internal structure and a range of added functions. The pedal's equalizer has been strengthened to three bands while maintaining the sound of its compressor, ideal as a base for sound making. Using the range switching function, the pedal now has a wider range of sounds that can also be used with a bass.


Adjusts the input level. The ‘HI’ setting sends the highest level signal to the effect circuit. Depending on the input from the guitar or bass pickups and the SUSTAIN knob setting, there may be some distortion. First set the level to ‘HI’, then, if distortion occurs, try changing the setting to ‘MID’ and ‘LO’.

Turn clockwise to increase gain. This is the main control of the compressor part of the pedal. It compresses large inputs and amplifies small inputs to align volume, thereby creating sustain.

Adjusts attack time. At the lowest setting, compression is fast (beginning immediately after picking), while at higher settings, it is slower (leaving a larger input of picking and compressing more slowly).

Use if distortion occurs when adjusting the equalizer, or to cut volume when too loud.

Shelving filter that boosts or cuts high/low end. Set at 12 o'clock for almost a flat sound.

Changes the range (cut-off frequency) of TREBLE and BASS controls.

Parametric equalizer that boosts or cuts mids. Set at 12 o'clock for a almost flat sound.

Sets the frequencies of the Parametric equalizer. Turning clockwise increases the frequency.

Changes the ‘Q’ (the frequency bandwidth where the effect works) of the parametric equalizer. ‘NARROW’ is the narrowest, most 'peaky' setting, ‘WIDE’ is the widest, and ‘MID’ sits in the middle.

* For details on the equalizer, please refer to ‘Equalizer’ section.



Use the VOLUME knob if distortion occurs when adjusting the equalizer or when you want to cut the volume. This unit is designed to boost the volume slightly at the maximum input level ‘HI’ and highest VOLUME setting.

Bypass switch

This pedal uses true bypass, meaning the signal does not pass through the active circuit when bypassed.
When the pedal is powered off, the mechanical relay control automatically switches to bypass state. If the pedal is powered on again, it resumes to the state it was in when the pedal powered off.

Voltage monitoring function

The unit constantly monitors input voltage. When voltage is a certain level above or below 9V, the LED flashes and the unit automatically reverts to bypass state. Please check your battery level or your power supply voltage.


fc(cut off frequency)800Hz
±15db @10kHz
±6db @1.3kHz

fc(cut off frequency)500Hz
±15db @10kHz
±6db @750Hz

fc(cut off frequency)250Hz
±15db @10kHz
±6db @400Hz


fc(cut off frequency)600Hz
±15db @20Hz
±6db @250Hz

fc(cut off frequency)400Hz
±14db @20Hz
±6db @150Hz

fc(cut off frequency)250Hz
±13db @20Hz
±6db @80Hz


・Center frequency:130Hz~1.4kHz


approx. D4.8”x W4.0”x H2.2”
*Including the convex parts like the jacks, the knobs, the switches, etc.

Power supply

・Power spply : 006P battery or power supply [Center negative DC9V out, 2.1mm pin]
・Power consumption :DC9V / approx. 29mA


  • To avoid the metal terminals of the battery snap short-circuiting the board, isolate the metal terminals with something like a terminal cap or tape when removing the battery and driving the adapter.
  • Failure caused by using a power supply different from that specified above is not seen as an initial failure and not covered by the warranty.
  • We do not offer warranties for any situations caused by misuse of this equipment.
  • Since this product is completed by hand, there may be unevenness in the paint or minor scratches.
  • The specifications in the instructions or the product's appearance may change without notice due to production conditions or other reasons.
  • Please make your decision after careful consideration, as we do not accept cancellations for reasons such as the product being different from your expectations.
  • We always conduct checks, so please confirm functionality after it arrives.
  • In the rare event of initial failure, we will provide support on our end. To add, the period during which we will provide support for initial failure is within 14 days after receiving your item.
  • If you desire a repair, please reach out to us, and we will provide support.

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