StudioDaydream HandmadePedals was founded in Osaka in 2008 as a small workshop making handmade guitar effects pedals. In 2010 we moved our base to Okayama, and today we work not only on effects pedals but also on other equipment such as programmable switchers and junction boxes for guitarists and bassists.

We make use of the technology we have cultivated through many years of producing equipment, and we are committed to using design methods and selecting parts that can deliver the superior functionality as a kind of audio equipment. At the same time, by focusing on the principle of offering excellent value for money, our company has grown into a brand with a wide range of supporters - from members of bands who take to the stage at live music clubs on the weekends, to artists at the forefront of the music scene. Our philosophy is to be a brand that creates user friendly products. We will always endeavor to listen to users and apply their feedback to improve the quality and usability of our products.