KCM-OD Gold V9.0 -Extremely tuned-


This Special Version of the KCM-OD lavishly uses luxury audio-grade parts and has been tuned.

It is equipped with a charge pump IC 27V booster circuit. It has extremely low noise as a result of the creative methods applied, such as careful selection of the parts to be used, placement of the circuit pattern with heavy consideration of noise reduction, and star ground wiring (single point grounding).

Using the 2 switches to toggle between modes, which are for clip mode (3 modes) and bypass mode (2 modes), as well as the FAT knob, an even wider range of sounds can be created.

Through the bypass mode switch, it is possible to toggle between Buffered, which is a bypass that uses the buffer amp with an established reputation for performance, and True, which is a true bypass that is characteristic for having a small change in tone during the bypass. As a result, it is possible to avoid overlapping buffers for series connections of effects.

In addition, the FAT knob, which newly allows for stepless adjustment for the first time with this V9.0, can push out a bit of the sound from the low side and increase the harmonic components at the same time. It produces the original constant when it is set at the Normal position.

Fastidiousness About Parts

A specially designed housing that has been shaped from aluminum is used for the case of the V9.0, giving it a housing that is worthy of being called high-end. A military-grade DALE RN55 resistor with high precision and high reliability is used on the circuit board that is double the normal thickness with gold leaf patterns and gold plating. In addition to the Panasonic and WIMA film condensers, all of the electrolytic condensers used are luxury audio-grade products by Nichicon. The germanium diode, which is an essential part that determines the quality of the distortion, is a rare Japanese deadstock product by UNIZON. It is a level above the recent non-brand products that have terrible inconsistency. Even the knob is special, as it uses a large Oxblood (reddish brown) pointer. Not only do the carefully selected parts brush up highly-rated sound even more, they will thoroughly demonstrate their performance in very intense situations, whether it is during a live performance with lots of noise or during studio recording.


  • True Bypass / Buffered Bypass
  • Blue LED
  • Power consumption : DC9V
  • Power spply : 006P battery or power supply [Center negative DC9V out, 2.1mm pin]
  • Dimensions : approx. D4.2” x W5.4" x H2.1” [D106mm x W137mm x H53mm] (Including the convex parts like the jacks, the knobs, the switches, etc.)


  • Switches on the right side is extremely delicate. Please operate without applying excessive force.
  • To avoid the metal terminals of the battery snap short-circuiting the board, isolate the metal terminals with something like a terminal cap or tape when removing the battery and driving the adapter.
  • This unit is for a 9V drive only. In the event that excessive voltage has been input, the protection circuit of this unit may activate protection against a short circuit of the power supply causing the power supply to be cut. This protection circuit can protect the unit from short-term excess voltage such as surges, but if the voltage continues to be in excess for over a certain period of time, it will stop working and need repairing.
  • Failure caused by using a power supply different from that specified above is not seen as an initial failure and not covered by the warranty.
  • We do not offer warranties for any situations caused by misuse of this equipment.
  • Since this product is completed by hand, there may be unevenness in the paint or minor scratches.
  • The specifications in the instructions or the product's appearance may change without notice due to production conditions or other reasons.
  • Please make your decision after careful consideration, as we do not accept cancellations for reasons such as the product being different from your expectations.
  • We always conduct checks, so please confirm functionality after it arrives.
  • In the rare event of initial failure, we will provide support on our end. To add, the period during which we will provide support for initial failure is within 14 days after receiving your item.
  • If you desire a repair, please reach out to us, and we will provide support.

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