Product Outline

A switcher with 3 send and return loops.

Has been slimmed down further with Rev. 4, making it perfect for use on boards with little space.

Featuring true bypass, which does not go through active circuits, the internal switching mechanism uses mechanical relay to keep switching noise at a minimum while using true bypass.

From this version it is possible to choose light emitting mode for the switches and switching modes.

Starting setting mode

While pushing LOOP-3 switch, turn on the power (connect DC cable or turn on attached power supply) to enter setting mode.

When setting mode has started successfully, the LOOP-3 switch will flash red three times, then please release the switch.

Operation in setting mode

LOOP-1 switch :

Select switching mode. The following two modes are available.

Normal Mode (LOOP-1 Red) :

Each loop is switched independently.

Single Mode (LOOP-1 Blue) :

Only one loop is enabled

LOOP-2 switch :

Change switch light emitting mode.

The ON color is shown on LOOP-2, and the bypass color is shown on LOOP-3.

The following three light emitting modes are available.

(ON/Bypass) :

(Blue/Red), (Blue/Off), (Red/Off)

LOOP-3 switch :

Pushing will make blue flash three times, saving the settings and finish setting mode.


  • True Bypass
  • 3 loops
  • Power consumption : DC9V / approx. 190mA
  • Power spply : 006P battery or power supply [Center negative DC9V out, 2.1mm pin]
  • Dimensions : approx. D1.8” x W7.3" x H2.3” [D45mm x W185mm x H57mm] (Including the convex parts like the jacks, the switches, etc.)


  • Failure caused by using a power supply different from that specified above is not seen as an initial failure and not covered by the warranty.
  • We do not offer warranties for any situations caused by misuse of this equipment.
  • Since this product is completed by hand, there may be unevenness in the paint or minor scratches.
  • The specifications in the instructions or the product's appearance may change without notice due to production conditions or other reasons.
  • Please make your decision after careful consideration, as we do not accept cancellations for reasons such as the product being different from your expectations.
  • We always conduct checks, so please confirm functionality after it arrives.
  • In the rare event of initial failure, we will provide support on our end. To add, the period during which we will provide support for initial failure is within 14 days after receiving your item.
  • If you desire a repair, please reach out to us, and we will provide support.

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